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Verengo Solar: Helping Deliver the Solar Revolution

Californians lead the nation in energy efficiency—and Verengo Solar leads the way in providing solar solutions to homeowners throughout California, New Jersey, and New York. We install only the most intelligent, energy-efficient and dependable products available while providing unsurpassed customer service and workmanship. Plus, in addition to solar panel installation, Verengo Solar offers a range of other energy-saving products—to help you conserve the energy your solar system generates.

Verengo Solar’s Whole House Approach

Solar power is clean, abundant and renewable. But solar is just the beginning. Verengo Solar takes a “whole house” approach, to help you find even more ways to conserve the energy it takes to run your household. Depending on the age, location and other features of your home, Verengo Solar has the expertise and products to tailor a customized solution that can ‘greenify’ your whole house with California Solar Powered Energy.

The Most Efficient Products – The Most Effective Impact

Most solar companies only sell a solar panel system — which gives them an incentive to sell you the biggest solar panel system that they can. We take a different approach. We offer a full range of quality, energy-efficient and money-saving home products to help you reduce energy consumption without overspending on your solar panel installation. Call Verengo Solar today to add California Solar Powered Energy to your home!

“Whole House” Savings from Verengo Solar

There are many ways to make your home energy-efficient—a solar panel system, new windows, natural insulation and more. And it’s more economical to work with one highly qualified and experienced company that does it all—one company that knows you, knows your house, and offers courteous, consistent service for every energy-saving solution. That’s the Verengo Solar “Whole House” advantage!

Committed to Quality & Service

Verengo Solar’s Quality & Service

Verengo Solar is one of a select group of distributors who can offer the highest efficiency solar panels on the market. We offer panels manufactured by companies such as Sanyo, Schüco, Suntech, and YingLi. Verengo Solar can tailor a solar panel installation to your specific needs and lifestyle, so you get maximum performance without a maximum investment.

Verengo Solar Certification

Verengo Solar has been awarded and certified for numerous memberships, and licenses. Here are just a few:

Verengo Solar (Headquarters), Solar Energy System Design & Installation, Torrance, CA

Verengo Solar’s Awards

We have been published in dozens of magazines, books and guides on environmentally friendly remodeling and contracting including Qualified Remodeler, the largest construction trade magazine in the country. For the past five years, out of 250,000 contractors nationwide, Verengo Solar has ranked in the top 60. That’s impressive!

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What Can You Save With Solar?

With no end in sight for soaring electricity rates, your switch to solar will secure affordable power for your home & family for years to come.