Solar Technology

New Solar Panel and Energy Technology

Solar Technology

Recent advances in photovoltaic solar technology have not only improved the efficiency of solar panels, they’ve also had a dramatic impact in making solar power more affordable. Find out more; give us a call today!


During tough economic times, people try to find as many ways as possible to save money. A great investment to make, that could save you thousands of dollars, is turning to solar technology as a source for your energy. Solar technology is a renewable energy source that can efficiently heat, cool, and power your home or business at a reduced price.


Solar power uses energy harnessed from the sun by heat engines and photovoltaics. Solar technologies are generally labeled as either active or passive solar depending upon the way they harness, convert, and use the sunlight and heat. Active solar techniques depend upon photovoltaic panels, fans, and pumps to convert the sun’s energy into effective outputs. Passive solar techniques use different architectural features, such as compact building proportions, selective shading, and thermal mass to capture and distribute the sunlight. Thermal mass are materials that can be used to store heat, including cement, stone, and even water.


Solar energy techniques can help to offset a huge portion of the energy used to heat, cool, and ventilate commercial and residential buildings. One technique people use to help solar energy to heat their home is to create a solar chimney. The chimney is simply a ventilation system made from a large vertical tunnel that connects the interior and exterior of the building. The chimney heats the air inside by causing an updraft that pulls the air into and through the building. You can also use deciduous trees and plants to cool and heat your home. If you plant the trees on the southern side of the building, their leaves will provide cool shade during the hot summer months. Solar concentrating technologies, including Scheffler reflectors and parabolic dishes, can also provide phenomenal heat for industrial and commercial buildings.


Solar energy can also help you with your water and cooking needs. You can use solar energy as a means to disinfect and distill your water. All you need to do is expose a water-filled plastic polyethylene terephthalate bottle to sunlight for several hours.


Solar energy technology can be used in a vast number of ways to help your life. It can heat and cool your home or business, clean your water, help you cook, and even power your car or boat. It is a more affordable and earth-friendly source of energy that will save you a lot of money over the years.  Read more on the many advantages of going solar




What Can You Save With Solar?

With no end in sight for soaring electricity rates, your switch to solar will secure affordable power for your home & family for years to come.