Solar PV Systems

Start saving as soon as your solar power system’s installed

Save money with Solar PV

Start saving as soon as your solar power system’s installed

A Verengo solar power system will save you money on your electric bill as soon as it’s up and running. You will actually be able to see your meter spin backwards, which shows that you are producing your own solar energy. Depending on the size of your house and the number of solar panels in your system, your monthly bill could easily be zero—or less!

Get the most efficient solar power system available today

Verengo is one of a select group of premier distributors with access to the most efficient solar panels on the market - SunPower. Plus, unlike other solar installers, Verengo takes a “whole house” approach to energy savings with a wide selection of energy efficient products—helping you conserve more energy and enjoy even more savings. Let Verengo be your solar energy solution!

Save up to 50% with federal and state incentives

To encourage homeowners to reduce their energy use, the federal government is giving you a 30% tax credit on your new solar energy system. Combine this with the generous state incentive and you’ll see that the government pays for almost 50% of your system! However, state rebates are declining as the demand for solar increases. There really is no better time to go solar!

Slash your electric bill up to 100%

For most Southern California homes, you will easily be able to reduce or even eliminate your electric bill by installing a Verengo solar power system. In fact, you’ll start noticing a difference from the very first electric bill you receive after your system is up and running. It’s as good for your budget as it is for the planet!

Make America Stronger

Working towards energy Independence

Join the thousands of Southern Californians who are leading the way in getting their energy right here in the USA. Solar energy is free, clean, readily accessible and we don’t need to import it! Make your world brighter with solar—and help make America stronger! Consider the solar energy solution!

Helping the planet – today and tomorrow

A typical solar energy system offsets many of the leading causes of global warming, acid rain and smog. So going solar gives you the benefit of knowing you’re doing your part to make our environment cleaner, healthier and more beautiful for you, your family and future generations. Who knew helping to save the planet could be so easy? Consider the solar energy solution!