Solar Mounting Systems 101

Solar Mounting System Illustration

As the cost of photovoltaic cells continue to fall, emphasis has now shifted to reducing the other costs of solar energy, particularly installation and mounting. Solar mounting systems may seem mundane and unimportant, but they, too, are continually being refined to ensure that the consumer gets the best product at a low price.


Here is a quick read on the various types of solar panel mounts commonly in use:


Roof Mounted Solar Panel Diagram
Roof-mounted Solar Panels:

This is the most common type of solar panel mounting used for residential installations. This mounting is also a great option for commercial solar if the company has plenty of roof space.

  • Ballasted mounts: Ballasts are weights that hold the solar panels down to the roof. These are often preferred as they negate the need to have the panels bolted into the roof. However they will only work in low wind areas, where the roof can support the extra weight.
  • Mechanically attached mounts: These attach to posts and roof beams to keep a solar panel system secured in a place. As they require your roof to be penetrated, leak protection needs to be carefully considered.
  • Hybrid mounts: Makes use of minimal penetration by combining ballasted solar panel mounting with a few structural attachments. This results in a secured yet less invasive setup.


Ground Mounted Solar Panel Diagram
Ground-mounted Solar Panels

If a building is ill-suited for solar panel installation due to its size or location, then solar panels can be installed on the ground near it.

  • Low profile mounts: These are a simple and cheap to install solar mounting system. The solar panel footprint can be as low as 30 inches.
  • Pole mounts: These solar panel mounts are seasonably adjustable, while maintaining a low footprint.
  • Ballasted footing mounts: These use concrete or steel bases that use weights to keep the solar panels tethered to a place. Like roof mounted systems, these do not require any ground penetration so they are ideal for sites where excavation is not possible.
  • Foundation mounts: These solar panel mounts use concrete slabs or poured footings to keep the solar panels fixed in place.


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