Solar Powered Generators

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Is a solar generator really all that necessary? While we won't go so far as to call it indispensible, a solar powered generator can make a good addition to your disaster inventory.


No one likes surprises after all, particularly when they involve a lack of electricity. One of the most famous outages in history occurred in New York City on July 13, 1977. The blackout, which was 24 hours long in some areas, pushed city residents to the brink. Looting, vandalism, arson and general social disorder ensued, leaving many parts of the city in tatters. 


What would you do if you found yourself in such a situation? As per the grid disruption database, the number of outages in the U.S. has increased by six times between 2000 and 2013. There were 44 outages reported throughout U.S. from 2000 to 2004, and this number climbed to 200 between 2010 and 20141.


Don't get us wrong, looting like in 1977 likely isn't in the cards, but prudence demands you take worst case scenarios into account. Not to mention, being prepared for any outage is a good idea. A solar powered generator just might make a nice addition to your disaster planning.


So, if you are faced with a long blackout, you can set up a solar powered generator, or even pack it up and leave your home to go somewhere safer without fearing you might be without power. Of course, you could also just get a solar power system for your home, and have some degree of insurance against such a mess altogether.


A solar power generator is essentially a miniaturized version of the type that goes on a rooftop. The components include the following:

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Solar panels: the main component of a solar power generator. These consist of various photovoltaic cells that convert sunlight into DC electricity.

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Power inverter: which converts DC electricity into AC power.

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Batteries: which store the power produced by your solar panels.  


Being smaller, solar powered generators produce less power, which will suffice for bare essentials and help you get through tough times while maintaining some measure of civility. A solar generator would be good for running a few lights, a portable AC/fan, and keep your mobile devices charged up.


Solar power generators are also great for people who love the outdoors. Unlike gas generators which are heavy, cumbersome and can only run as long as you can pour gas into their tanks, solar generators are light and can go on producing electricity as long as there is sunlight available.


If you are interested in using solar power to harness the power of the sun, then you will be pleased to know that going solar has never been more affordable. In point of fact you can go solar without investing anything upfront.


You can start by getting a free quote. A qualified solar professional will get in touch with you to help you understand your options better and make the most informed choice.

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