Rene Sola

Founded in 2005 as a silicon wafer manufacturer providing raw materials to tier 1 leading solar product suppliers around the world, ReneSola (NYS: SOL) is now as crucial to the solar industry as Intel® is to Microsoft. Since becoming one of the industry’s first fully integrated suppliers by adding module manufacturing to its portfolio in 2010, ReneSola has taken great strides as a manufacturer.

ReneSola America is revolutionizing the solar industry with its unmatchable high quality, high efficiency solar products including modules, micro-inverters, and LED lighting sources. ReneSola’s growth in the domestic marketplace has come as a direct result of quality, competitive price points, and attention to the market.

ReneSola offers customers more power for their dollar, and here’s why…

  • Module can bear snow loads up to 5400Pa and wind loads up to 2400Pa

  • ReneSola modules offer industry-low temperature coefficients of -0.4%/°C, which means its modules perform better than others in warmer climates

  • ReneSola’s 255W polycrystalline modules offer an efficiency of 15.7% due to the company’s ability to integrate high efficiency silicon wafers into the modules

  • ReneSola modules offer high performance during periods of low irradiance, at a rate of 16.2% at 400W/m², meaning ReneSola modules work longer days. This includes outstanding performance during dawn, dusk, and under cloudy conditions


ReneSola has taken strides to ensure peace of mind for its customers by:

  • Backing its product warranty 25 year with third party insurance from PowerGuard™

  • Obtaining a Tier 1 Bankability endorsement from Bloomberg New Energy Finance, allowing customers to rest assured that ReneSola products consist of the highest quality materials

  • Maintaining equipment durability with thicker module frames and glass to extend module life in harsher climates

  • Securing third party bankability reports from reputable engineering firms such as Black & Veatch and Accelios, offering customers a firsthand glimpse into the stringent standards under which ReneSola products are manufactured in its facilities