Solar Energy Systems Installation

Solar Energy Systems Installation

Verengo Solar has completed over 5000 residential solar installations. Your home could be next.

High energy costs have once again put solar energy into the spotlight. More people are switching to solar power as a way to rid themselves of high electric bills. When you install a solar power system your electric bill drops by a considerable amount, possibly to zero. Yet, many folks still do not realize all of the benefits solar power has to offer.

However, average people do know how much they are paying in monthly electric bills, and it is too much. The grid still uses old, costly, and polluting fossil fuels. These are 20th century fuels. These fuels cause acid rain and release toxic greenhouse gases into the air. Furthermore, fossil fuels are a finite supply, and the supply is dwindling. As the supply drops, its price goes up, and so does the potential for grid rate hikes in the near future.

It does need to be this way, because clean and inexpensive solar power offers a viable alternative. Solar power is 21st century energy, and is the way of the future. There are many monetary benefits to going solar. For example, the federal government gives homeowners a substantial tax credit for installing solar panels on your roof, and many states have followed suit. Plus, you can now go solar with $0 down. The days of fronting a large down payment to install solar panels are gone.

This is indeed the era of property de-valuation. However, a solar installation not only gives the value of your property a significant boost, but you do not pay additional property taxes for going solar. If it seems like the government is trying to spur solar energy growth, you are right. They realize the cost of fossil fuels is going to increase, and the damage to the planet will soon become irreversible. The earth is very resilient, but it can only withstand so much pollution.

On the other hand, solar uses the power of the sun to produce electrical power. The sun gives us an infinite source of power that is renewable and clean. The minute your solar panels start producing electricity is when you start saving thousands in electric bills. Solar panels are quiet, emit no odor, and are maintenance free.

To recap, high energy costs have once again placed solar energy into the spotlight. Electric bills are too high. However, solar power is a cost effective and clean alternative to staying connected to the costly grid. Solar power is the only viable way to save thousands in electric bills. Isn’t it time you started saving with clean solar power?

What Can You Save With Solar?

With no end in sight for soaring electricity rates, your switch to solar will secure affordable power for your home & family for years to come.