Verengo Solar Customer Reviews

Mens silhouetteKent W. | Tracy, California | ★★★★★
We were extremely pleased with Verengo Solar from start to finish. Our sales rep (Jeff) went through every detail of what was going to happen from installation to billing and answered all our questions thoroughly. Verengo Solar staff was with us every step of the way and followed up with any questions we had within 24 hours. They also called us on a weekly basis giving us a status update. Once all the permits were approved through the city they’re installers showed up and installed all 38 panels including the electrical in one day. They then explained to us how the system works and how to turn it on once we received approval from our power company, PG&E. We were told it would take 6-8 weeks before we would hear anything from PG&E and Verengo Solar were spot on. Eight weeks latter PG&E came out to switch over from their power grid to our solar panels. We have been saving money ever since. We can’t say enough of how Verengo Solar stood by us through the entire process. Their staff was very professional and helpful from all their departments including sales, installation, and customer services. We recommended Verengo Solar to all our friends and we would certainly recommend them to everyone else who is contemplating solar.

Mens silhouetteNoah S. | Seal Beach, California | ★★★★★
I found out about Verengo Solar from a friend who had a system installed on their roof. They came highly recommended. Here are some of the strong points of this company: -They offer a lease option with no money down and with a savings guarantee -The installation was beautiful, they painted all conduit and obviously put pride in their work -The installation crew was very professional and timely -Their system has already saved me money and I don’t have to give as much of my business to the electric company -They pay me $500 per referral, and I have already sent them two customers! -Their warranty even covers washing off the solar panels After meticulously researching other companies, I highly recommend Verengo Solar.

Mens silhouettePeter C. | Sherman Oaks, California | ★★★★★
My experience with Verengo Solar has exceeded my expectations. We saw the savings immediately and it has been hassle-free. Initially on the set up we had to call the installer back to fix something and he came within a couple of hours to solve the problem. Nice people. The added bonuses are that our neighbors and friends are asking us about it and our realtor says it has increased our home value.

What Can You Save With Solar?

With no end in sight for soaring electricity rates, your switch to solar will secure affordable power for your home & family for years to come.