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Here's what just a few of our customers had to say about their experience converting to solar power with Verengo Solar! We'd love to help you become our next happy customer!

Thomas Z.

Easy process. No money down. Installation completed in one day! Started saving right away.

Javier A.

I had eight other companies provide me with a quote for a PV system and installation. After comparing these quotes and doing weeks of research on the Internet, I learned what the fair cost of a system should be and that Sunpower panels are the best in the industry. I was then ready to sign with another solar company also offering Sunpower panels but heard an advertisement on the radio for Verengo Solar. Although my wife and I were tired of meeting with solar company sales people I contacted Verengo Solar for one last quote. After all I was determined to get the best deal for my money.

I was impressed with the quote that I received from Verengo Solar and to find out that they use Sunpower Solar panels. I previously had a bad experience with a pool contractor, which has left me skeptical about contractors in general. I thought the last thing I needed was a company to go bankrupt with my money and I would be left without a solar system for my home. I researched the company and found out they have an "A" rating with the Better Business Bureau. I signed with Verengo Solar and since I'm not planning to move I purchased my 24 panel 5.2KW system.

Again I was impressed by how the Verengo Solar employees handled all phases of the rebate and permit process. The system installation was done in two and a half days. I took a little longer than usual because of the custom work I requested for cosmetic reasons. I had the conduit run into my attic and down inside a side wall to my electrical panel.

Now my meter runs backwards even with my pool pump, plasma TV and a few lights on inside my home. Before solar my monthly average SCE bill was $243 a month. In January I received my first bill after installing solar and my bill was $53.00. February's bill was 88 cents.

So far I am very pleased with my system and with Verengo Solar and would recommend the company.

Ted C.

Had quotes from other major solar contractors; Verengo Solar was the least expensive despite offering the largest system. Dept. of Water & Power (DWP) rebate came back higher than Verengo Solar had estimated, making it even a better deal!

We also liked the honest and low-pressure sales pitch. Very clean and professional installation was completed in two days. The only hitch was waiting two months for DWP to turn on the system.

The system is already producing all the power we need.

Terrell A.

From start to finish, my experience with Verengo Solar has been nothing but great. The site assessor (salesman) provided every option starting with the lease program. I had already decided to purchase my system, so he gave me the estimates of what it would cost to get various numbers of panels. The site assessor took measurements and gave me various plans for maximizing my energy capacity within my budget. At first I decided to do 30 panels on my east facing roof, but after several days of contemplating the value of maximizing my investment, I changed the plan at the last minute to 36 panels (the maximum the DWP would allow) that meant a redesign with 12 panels on my south facing garage and 24 panels on the east facing roof. Verengo Solar took all my changes of mind in stride. Verengo Solar even gave me a deal on a new electric panel installation that would double my panel capacity. I had already researched that and I knew Verengo Solar's price was almost $1,000 lower than what I would have paid an electrical contractor. The only thing they missed on by a little was how soon DWP would come out to install the digital meter and turn on the power. It took about a month longer than we expected. Verengo Solar has no control over that. When the electrician came out to install the electrical panel, he took great pains to remove the unsightly old electrical panel that he had to use as a junction box. He had to cut holes in my stucco and assured me that Verengo Solar would send an expert out to repair the holes. Verengo Solar sent a stucco man out and he matched the stucco and repainted the area so it matched the rest of the house perfectly. During every process the area was left clean. Everyone I talked with on this project was friendly, happy to answer all my questions, and genuinely concerned about my satisfaction. Additionally, the people who came to do the installation treated each other with respect. That's an indication that everyone has experience with what they are doing and are treated like experts. The installation was completed in a day and half. The first day, they worked in a steady rain. As with any construction, there are installations and inspections. The city inspector had great confidence in the work Verengo Solar did as did the DWP inspector who came out to install the digital meter. Now I'm just looking forward to getting my nearly $8,000 tax credit and my first electric bill.

Tom H.

Verengo Solar did an excellent job of installation and the work was finished ahead of time. I wish I had found Verengo Solar sooner that I did, as the savings are great. Not one cent out of my pocket for this system. I strongly recommend them.

J G.

We had considered solar panels for quite some time, and Verengo Solar made the whole process extremely easy. The cost was too good to believe, but as we read through our documents, and after checking some on-line reviews about Verengo Solar, we were comfortable enough to move forward. Once we signed our docs, all we had to do was sit back and wait. Their staff was courteous and professional. The one potential for drawback was with some work performed by the electrician. We called to voice our concern and Verengo Solar, without hesitation, scheduled an appointment to address our concern. My wife said they would not come out to fix the problem (because we had already passed city inspection), but I said it would not hurt to ask. I asked and they took care of it. I was EXTREMELY happy with the resolution of the issue at hand. As for going solar, I think it's pretty cool that we're reducing our family's carbon footprint. I like coming home and looking at how much of our energy consumption we've taken care of through our solar panels. If your only questions are affordability and installation, Verengo Solar is the answer to both questions!

Mark D.

I had been shopping around for a long time to get solar panels installed at my residence. No one seemed to impress me until I met the people from Verengo Solar. Not only were they professional, they gave me a great deal on a lease, and the implementation process was smooth. Go with Verengo Solar!!!

Christina S.

This was the easiest thing we have ever done. Verengo Solar is awesome and we would highly recommend them to anyone who is considering installing their type of equipment. We were very happy with every step in the process to becoming green and Verengo Solar helped us get there.


Cindy B.

Thank you Verengo Solar for being so unbelievably professional, courteous and friendly. If you are interested in Solar, this is by far the most efficiently priced -- the staff was very helpful and knowledgeable -- the installation was incredibly fast and amazingly CLEAN! The panels look amazing. Verengo Solar also helped me with my HOA - President of the HOA was not educated about Solar and decided to decline my request. Verengo Solar helped with additional information and even offered to come to speak at a Homeowners Meeting.

THANK YOU Verengo Solar! Cindy B

Judy C.

I am thrilled with Verengo Solar.....They did ail they promised and were polite, professional, and they cleaned up after themselves.....They even came back to paint the pipes going up over the house.......I have gotten my first invoice and to say I am pleased would be an understatement.....The electric company has tripled its charges in the twenty years I have lived here in Bradbury......I put up ten solar panels about 8 years ago and saw only a very small savings at a huge cost ...Verengo Solar's plan was the right way to go for me....every installation is different but my savings are huge!......i would recommend this company to neighbor is being interviewed by Verengo Solar...they have less roof exposure but may also be able to be helped by Verengo Solar....check it out!......i recommend them highly.......j. claverie...happy customer

Paul K.

Working with Verengo Solar has been a pleasure. They gave us the best deal and were most accommodating. Installation was clean and quick; they started and completed the job very soon after we signed up; and they were careful to install the panels in an aesthetically pleasing manner. We haven't received our latest DWP bill, but are looking forward to seeing it for the first time in a long time, especially since the DWP is supposed to be raising their electricity rates 3 to 8% in each of the next few years.

Carma K.

We were very happy with Verengo Solar. They were prompt, knowledgeable, efficient and were very good about cleaning up each day they worked. The system is working great and we wish we had installed the solar panels sooner.

Greg R.

Mike, the salesman from Verengo Solar was very knowledgeable about their PV systems. The system installation was flawless, and now I'm making a TON of electricity from the sun. I highly recommend Verengo Solar.

A N.

We used Verengo Solar to install our solar system. They did an excellent job and reduced the overall cost by upgrading our air conditioning and therefore reducing the number of solar panels we required. Our electric bill is ZERO. We would highly recommend Verengo Solar.

Peter S.

When I listen to the radio commercials by Ed Asner I find myself saying over and over...'that's right, Verengo Solar is doing as perfect a job as any company I have dealt with". I am not saving a ton of money with solar, but I am saving some money. And I am using less electricity and thus not polluting the air and not driving up the price of oil. There was no cash out of pocket. Everything they promised they delivered. They were professional and careful with their work. The only error they made was not accurately predicting how long the DWP inspector would take to sign off on the finished product. The finished product was perfect, professionally installed and it is cool to see the electricity we are generating i9n real time! I love this company.

Lynne B.

Communication was wonderful and timely. The installers were prompt, professional and informative. When I had an issue, I called the company and someone was out the following day. Fantastic service.

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