Residential Solar Power Installation

Verengo Solar is one of the nation’s leaders in residential solar installation.

Residential Solar Power Installation

Since the cost of energy has again hit the roof, it is easy to understand why solar power is front page news. More people are seeking out solar power as a way to gain financial relief from skyrocketing electric bills. If you have not yet considered the monetary benefits of a solar panel installation, your time has come.

Installing solar panels reduces electric bills significantly, and in some cases a zero electric bill is achieved. The savings start the minute your home solar panel installation starts producing electricity. To really see the benefits of solar power, it is important to compare solar energy to your current power supplier, the electric company.

The grid still uses costly and polluting fossil fuels to manufacture their electricity. The fossil fuel supply is finite, and dwindling. As the fossil fuel supply continues to shrink, their price increases. It reasonable to assume electric companies will pass increased fuel costs onto you, their customer. Furthermore, fossil fuels cause unimaginable damage to the earth. These fuels release poisonous greenhouse gases and cause acid rain.

On the other hand, solar power uses the sun to generate electrical power. The sun offers an eternal source of power that is renewable and clean. Furthermore, while electric bills continue to rise, solar panels have dramatically come down in price, and you can now go solar with zero money down. Every home that hooks up to solar power reduces the earth’s carbon footprint. Every home that goes solar sees dramatic reductions in their electric bills.

There are no tax incentives for staying hooked to the grid. However, homes that go solar receive a large federal government tax break, and many states offer tax incentives too. You could even be eligible for a rebate from your local electric company simply by installing solar panels. Many folks have seen the value of their homes plummet during the recession, and property taxes increase during the recession. Yet, when you install solar panels on your home its value goes up without incurring additional tax burden.

Homes that choose solar are no longer concerned with electric company rate hikes, or grid wide power failures. In addition, homes that undergo a solar panel installation reap a higher selling price than grid connected homes should you ever decide to sell your house. The choice comes down to this; stay connected to the grid and keep paying incredibly high electric bills, or install $0 down solar panels and save thousands in electric bills. Solar power is by far the better choice.

What Can You Save With Solar?

With no end in sight for soaring electricity rates, your switch to solar will secure affordable power for your home & family for years to come.