Open Letter from CEO to our Valued Customers

Dear Valued Customer,
Verengo is one of the nation’s oldest, most well-established, and experienced residential solar companies. We are writing today to reassure you that we expect that your warranty, service, installation or solar energy system will remain unaffected as the result of our recent Chapter 11 filing.
On the contrary, through our Chapter 11 filing, Verengo has embarked upon a process that includes an offer by an affiliate of Crius Energy, a public company with close to 1 million customers, to acquire Verengo’s assets. We believe that such a sale to a company like Crius will provide us long term financial stability and growth.
In the interim, as one of our over 20,000 customers, you can continue to expect the same exceptional attention and responsiveness that made you choose Verengo. If  you have a Verengo solar system installed on your home, have an installation scheduled, or have a service need, you can feel confident that Verengo will continue to serve you with highly trained professionals and quality materials. Further, your electricity bill and any system payments will remain unaffected by our filing.
While you, as a customer of Verengo, may receive additional notices with  respect to the Chapter 11 case, our financial restructuring through this process is not expected to impact you. I’m pleased to be able to reassure you that your solar system and home remain in good hands.
If you have questions or would like more information, please contact us at 866-211-4488 or
Thank you,
Dan Squiller, CEO
Verengo Solar

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