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Residents of Rockland, NY have been dealing with the rising cost of home energy for some time now. The cost of maintaining electricity for a homeowner has become exorbitant, and seems to rise consistently. These rate hikes are leaving Rockland residents feeling frustrated and disenfranchised. Many Rockland residents are beginning to consider their options when it comes to alternative energy sources, and we at Verengo Solar want to tell you about an easy, affordable way to power your home: solar energy.

Solar Power Reduces Your Electric Bill

At Verengo Solar, we specialize in the installation of residential solar panels in Rockland. For those who do not know, a solar panel is a grid that is comprised of small cells made from silicon. Silicon comes from sand, a plentiful resource, making the manufacturing of the cells as ecologically effective as the work they do. These cells, called solar cells, collect the natural energy that is produced by the sun. This energy is captured and used to power a home. With the use of solar energy, homes no longer need to heavily rely on the electric company in order to power their home, and with solar power, you can greatly reduce your electric bill.

Solar Panels are an Investment That Pays

Choosing to have residential solar panels installed by Verengo Solar is an investment that pays off significantly over time. Many Rockland homeowners are currently facing electric bills upwards of a few hundred dollars a month- over the course of a year, this is thousands of dollars out of your pocket that could benefit your family, home and future. An investment in residential solar panels for your home is an investment in the future of both your financial well-being and the planet. We at Verengo Solar understand that many homeowners are interested in reducing their carbon footprint, but we also understand that not everyone can afford to go to the great lengths to “go green.” However, a solar system for your home offers a return on your investment, when the power you need is being generated by the sun.

Energy Cost Savings Means More Money for You

Having residential solar panels installed at your home is a simple process. We simply assess the size of your home and its power consumption in order to determine how large of a grid needs to be created for the home, and then the grid can be installed. Once the installation is complete, you and your family will immediately begin saving money by generating solar electricity. Those extra funds can go into a college savings account for the kids, a retirement fund, home repairs you have been putting off, a new car or a great vacation. One of the best parts about having residential solar panels installed is the ability to hang onto the money you worked so hard for.

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The ecological benefits of residential solar panels cannot be overstated. By relying on a natural and renewable energy source, you stop a cycle in which your household relies on a power company that generates byproducts which pollute the environment.

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What Can You Save With Solar?

With no end in sight for soaring electricity rates, your switch to solar will secure affordable power for your home & family for years to come.