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At Verengo Solar, we supply consumers with powerful solar panel products from Suntech, Yingli and LG that make home solar installation easy here in New York. We already specialize in providing solar panels and solar inverters to homes in California and New Jersey. We are now providing New York homeowners with solar energy systems that can help reduce costs and provide long-term improvement for the environment as well.

With Verengo Solar, Homeowners Will Save

Verengo Solar has been featured on CNN, The New York Times, The LA Times and CNBC for our leadership in the solar industry. We were also recently recognized as one of the “Fastest-Growing Private Companies” by the LA Business Journal as well. We are currently focused on bringing solar power to many areas in the New York region. Many New York homeowners are excited about the opportunity to save more money on their electricity by going solar.

Tax Credits, Incentives and Rebates Are Making Solar Affordable

There are several federal and state mandates in effect that offer discounts, credits and rebates in order to lower the costs of converting your New York home to solar power. The Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit currently provides a 30 percent savings for the expenses related to installing a new solar energy system in your home. You typically can realize this savings as a cash grant or a tax credit. Rebates and credits have reimbursed many people in New York for up to 70 percent of the initial costs.

NY Residents Are Eligible for Even Bigger Solar Savings

The New York State Property Abatement covers around 20 percent of the system’s cost after a rebate and is capped at $62,500 annually. The Residential NYS Income Tax Credit covers 25% of the cost after-rebate up to $5,000. The New York State R&D Authority currently offers a $1.50 per watt rebate up to seven kilowatts. Verengo Solar can help homeowners figure out how many options are available and the best way to plan a successful installation. Our experts work together as a team to provide you with exemplary service throughout the installation.

Verengo Solar Customers Can Earn Credit On Their Bill

The number of residential homes in the New York State area switching to solar power is increasing. Many people throughout the State that have added solar panels to their homes have seen their electricity decline sharply. Several utilities buy back the extra power captured by your solar system that your home doesn’t use. Some homeowners receive checks from the local utility for the surplus of power from the sun that was never used in the home, while others earn a credit on their utility bill.

Use Smartphone Apps to Track Your Solar Power Savings

Going solar has also helped people living in New York to be more conscientious of their other utility usage as well, and now there are even smartphone apps that help you keep track of how much electricity you are using and saving with your new solar system.

It’s the Best Time to Switch to Verengo Solar

At Verengo Solar, we use our expertise to help you maximize the savings opportunities solar can provide. Choosing Verengo is an effective step forward for New York homeowners interested in lowering their overall energy costs. Current promotions, along with state and federal grants and credits, make this one of the best times for homeowners in New York to start switching to solar. Call us today to find out how easy the switch really is!

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What Can You Save With Solar?

With no end in sight for soaring electricity rates, your switch to solar will secure affordable power for your home & family for years to come.