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With record heat waves scorching New York cities and suburbs summers over the past several years, NY residents are actively searching for more affordable and greener alternative sources of energy. Enjoying the many things to see and do in New York is one of summer’s highlights, but when residents want to relax at home, they want to relax in a cool, refreshing environment. However, the high cost of cooling a home in New York prevents many people from using air conditioners to their full potential when the temperature hits the mid-nineties on an August afternoon. Some people simply cannot afford to run an air conditioner during the peak summer months. On the flip side, many residents struggle in colder months to pay for their exorbitant electric or gas-based heating bills.

Fortunately, there is a solution!

New York is a Great Source of Sunlight for Residential Solar Panels

When Verengo Solar initially discusses installation of solar power panels with NY residents, most are surprised to learn that their state receives just as much sunlight as most of the southern states, including Florida. Another fact that many people don’t realize is that constant sunlight is not required to fully power a home that is energized by solar panels. By converting sunlight into electricity using photovoltaic cells made of crystalline silicone, solar panels represent one of the most environmentally friendly methods of harnessing natural energy for residential purposes. Generally, each solar panel contains around 40 to 45 cells, or ten modules to one photovoltaic array (panel grouping). An outer layer of silicon converts sunlight into negative electricity while the silicon layer covering the back of the panel converts sunlight into positive electricity. When the sun’s energy displaces electrons from a panel’s bottom silicon layer, these electrons rush to the top layer, where the crowded, upper-layer electrons are forced out and pushed through a circuit installed outside the panels—thus creating power.

Verengo Solar Systems Can Provide Ongoing Power

On cloudy days and at night, solar electricity can still power your lights, appliances and climate controls through a process referred to as “net metering”. When the sun is producing a peak amount of ultraviolet rays, solar panels will be absorbing much more energy than a household typically needs. If net metering is implemented, this excess energy is fed into the power grid, which figuratively operates your meter in reverse. This means New York State residents who choose to install Verengo solar panels coupled with a net metering plan, may actually earn electricity credits, which can be used when it is dark or cloudy.

Additional Benefits of Solar Panels in NY

Additional potential benefits of residential solar power installation for New York State residents include:

Tax breaks from the government for using a renewable energy source to power your home or business.

The supply of energy (sunlight) is inexhaustible. For people interested in survivialism or “prepping” for a disaster, solar panels offer an affordable and long-lasting alternative to traditional energy sources.

If the size of the household increases and more electricity is needed, supplementing existing solar panels with additional panels can be accomplished in a few hours.

Because solar panels contain no moving parts, they require little to no maintenance and will produce electricity for New York State homes or business for over 20 years.

Not only do solar panels significantly reduce or altogether eliminate monthly energy bills, they will also add to the real estate value of your home or business. Verengo Solar strongly believes in the future of clean, renewable energy sources and strives to provide our customers with exceptional service and high-quality solar power panels. Call us today to learn more!

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