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Alert: LIPA's Solar Pioneer Program imposed a cap for solar installers.
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New York State is embarking on a new solar path to meet the goals of environmental initiatives for the safety of our planet. In an effort to encourage homeowners to make the change to solar power, the New York property tax legislation provides significant financial incentives that permit homeowners to sell back excess solar energy, thereby helping them recover over 60 percent of the cost of installation.* Additionally, the creation of five Solar Empowerment Zones in the New York city has afforded greater ease of installation and advantages to homeowners through the electric distribution system. Among the benefits are free data acquisition systems which monitor solar performance, and communication with the utility grid which can measure this performance. At Verengo Solar we can help residents of New York State join this path towards a cleaner, greener city. There is no better time than now and no better place than New York to lead the country in the direction of a better, renewable source of energy.

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