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While you may have looked into installing solar energy systems in Toms River in the past, you should consider looking into it again today. After all, there have been some big changes within the past decade that make it worthwhile in reconsidering installing one of these systems in your home.

A decade ago it wouldn’t have only cost you a lot of money to install one of these systems in your home but it also wouldn’t have looked very appealing. For these reasons, nobody wanted to have solar panels installed on their home. However, since then, the price has come down more than 40% and the government has began offering numerous incentives to persuade customers to install solar panels. The appearance, quality and efficiency have also radically improved.

Today’s solar panels look much more streamlined. This allows them to fit seamlessly into the exterior of your home, regardless of the architectural style. Verengo Solar has the reputation of using only these attractive panels, which are also high quality, attractive and made from state of the art materials. We will take a “whole house approach” to determining your needs. This is done via our free, in-home consultation so that you will get a personal assessment and plan that fits not only your home but also your lifestyle. All of this will of course maximize your energy savings while allowing your home to continue to look its very best.

Another one of the significant changes that have taken place over the past few years is that the government has recognized how the climate around us is changing. With both the greenhouse effect and global warming taking top priority, the government is now allocating funds to encourage families to go green, thus reducing their carbon footprint. There have been some pretty big rebates and incentives offered since 2009 to those who are interested in installing solar energy systems. The most significant one was a 30% rebate.

You will want to act now in order to be able to take advantage of these incentives and rebates, as the demand for them is quickly growing. As this demand increases the assistance that the government will be able to offer is going to be reduced. So, if you truly want to add to your home’s value this really is the way to go. Clearly, now really is the time to act too. Therefore, don’t put it off any longer. Call Verengo Solar today for a free solar estimate for the Toms River area.

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