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How To Go Solar


WE MAKE IT EASY to Go Solar and Save Money

It’s simple. WE DO THE WORK and you pay a lower rate for the same power!

Free Consultation

We’ll take a look at your roof, your usage, and your billing history then tell you how much you can save.

No guesswork, just simple facts.

Paper Work

We customize a system for your home and energy needs, and then we handle all the permits and inspections before, during, and after installation as well as any rebate incentive processing.


Our professional team of 100% Verengo Solar employees (not freelance contractors) installs your system in 1-2 days. They’re fast, clean, careful and highly professional.


You receive a 100% guarantee* on all monitoring, maintenance and insurance for up to 25 years. Pay a lower monthly power bill for many years to come! *100% Guarantee is only provided on non-purchase options.

For more information, see the timeline of each of the detailed steps for your Verengo Solar panels installation.