How To Go Solar

WE MAKE IT EASY to Go Solar and Save Money
It's simple. WE DO THE WORK and you pay a lower rate for the same power!

We’ll take a look at your roof, your usage, and your billing history then tell you how much you can save.

No guesswork,
just simple facts.

We customize a system for your home and energy needs, and then we handle all the permits and inspections before, during, and after installation as well as any rebate
incentive processing.

You receive a 100% guarantee on all monitoring, maintenance and insurance for up to 25 years.*

Pay a lower monthly power bill for many years to come!

*100% Guarantee is only provided on non-purchase options. Terms and conditions apply and are available upon request. 

Our professional team of 100% Verengo Solar employees (not freelance contractors) installs your system in 1-2 days.

They’re fast, clean, careful and highly professional.

Thank You for Your Interest in Solar!

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