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New Haven Solar Panels for Your Home

Preserving the environment is often something that is easier said than done. Sure, we can all do our part to do simple things like being more aware of how much water we use, turning off the lights when we are not using them, and recycling, but really drastically reducing your carbon footprint can be a challenge. One of the best ways to make your lifestyle less intrusive to the Earth is to switch over to solar power at home.


There are a few environmental problems, as well as financial ones, that are directly related to fuel-based power. One of the big ones is global warming. Unfortunately, every time that we use electricity at home, fossil fuels like coal, natural gas, and oil are being burned to produce the energy that is needed to generate electricity. This causes CO2, among other noxious fumes, to be released into the environment. This is throwing off the natural balance of the atmosphere, leading to the greenhouse effect, which is causing the planet to heat up.


Global warming is only one of the problems with continuing to remain dependent on fossil fuels. Even if they did burn cleanly, they would still be a limited resource. It would take millions and millions of years to create another supply of fossil fuels, so once ours are gone, they are gone. It is essential that we do our best to conserve these finite materials. Thankfully, there are renewable energy sources that are readily available to us – mainly the sun and the wind.


By using some affordable equipment, it is possible to capture the sun's free energy and turn it into electricity that you can use to power your home. That means that you are no longer forced to pay the utility companies outrageous prices just to keep the power on every month. This will not only reduce the amount of fossil fuels being used, but it will also save you thousands in electricity bills year after year.


Besides being one of the most important new technologies to emerge because of the environmental implications, solar power also has plenty to offer monetarily. New Haven residents are already taking advantage of the long-term savings that solar panels offer, but there is a whole lot more to it than that. Connecticut has extremely enticing financial rewards for residents who decide to convert over to solar power.


By simply installing residential solar panels for your home in New Haven, Connecticut, you can qualify for a number of tax credits, cash-back rebates, grants, and performance-based incentives like net-metering. With these programs, you can cover a substantial portion of the initial cost, and also make some extra cash by selling your extra power back to the grid. There is even a generous cash-back rebate that gives $1.75 per Watt for the first 5 kW, and then $1.25/Watt for the next 5 kW after that.


If you want to outfit your home with some of the best green technology, save thousands of dollars in electricity bills, add value to your home, and enjoy some government rewards programs, just give us a call. Here at Verengo Solar we are committed to helping residents of CA, NJ, NY, and CT to be able to afford home solar energy.


A sustainable future is possible through solar power. There is a serious energy crisis facing all of us, but there are also solutions available. Now is the time for all of us to start a solar revolution in New Haven and beyond. Call us today if you would like more information about how you can be making the world a better place, and your home as well.


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Verengo Inc. has changed the way America thinks about solar! Verengo ranked #1 on the Solar Power World list of Top Residential Solar Contractors in the U.S.1, has been named to Inc. Magazine’s List of America's Fastest Growing Companies and consistently maintains an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. The company markets, sells and installs solar photovoltaic systems, which enable homeowners to save money on their electricity bills and replace dirty electricity with clean, renewable energy. Verengo has grown 700% over the past 4 years and has added 900 new employees over that period. A recent survey found that 92% of Verengo customers would refer the company to their friends and family. The company has earned this recognition and customer satisfaction by making solar easy and affordable for its customers and delivering superior customer service.

1.Source: Solar Power World. Verengo operates exclusively in the residential solar sector.

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