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New Haven Residential Solar Power

Planning for the future can be a difficult task, especially considering the recent recession that we are just now recovering from. However, with living costs getting higher and the value of the dollar plummeting, it is important to make decisions now that will affect your future in a positive way. One of the most effective ways to reduce your living costs by a considerable amount and for a significant amount of time is to install solar panels at home.


If you were to add up how much money you spent on electric bills in even just the past year, you would probably not be happy with the number. Now imagine paying that much (or more) year after year. That is a whole lot of money being squandered that could have been used in a much better way. Unfortunately, everyone needs electricity. That is why it is so exciting that we are finally able to start generating our own electricity without having to rely on power companies that are already charging too much.


Not only are fuel costs steadily rising, but these fuels are causing serious damage to the Earth. Planning for your financial future is certainly an essential step, but so is planning for the future of the people who will inherit this planet. If we want our children and their children to have a habitable place to live, it is crucial that we start doing our part to reduce the devastating environmental problems that are stemming directly from fossil fuel use.


First off, we cannot trust fossil fuels to be a dependable source of power, because they are running out. Although it may not happen soon, it is still so important to conserve these limited resources. Now that we are at a point in time when we have the technology to take advantage of renewable energy source, why wouldn't we? We are capable of laying the groundwork for tomorrow's progressive people of Earth to set a new standard for home power. Every person that switches to solar power is a leader in the solar revolution that is inevitable and integral.


There is no doubt that the future depends on clean solar power, but you may be wondering how you can benefit from it now. Of course the long-term financial and environmental benefits are intriguing, but any homeowners here in New Haven, Connecticut need that extra push to go solar. That is why there are federal and state government solar incentives in place. Many homeowners are thrilled when they learn that they can actually get paid to use solar power. If installing residential solar power in New Haven, Connecticut sounded good before, just wait until you hear about the government rewards programs.


Exclusive to CT residents, you can receive $1.75 cash back for every Watt of solar power generated, for the first 5 kW. After that, you have another $1.25 for every Watt for the next 5 kW. That means that as you watch the meter roll back, you can enjoy knowing that that is money in the bank. Solar users can also use net-metering to sell their surplus power to the utility grid. If you ever wished that you could charge the power companies, now is your chance!


We are confident that you will agree that solar power is just a better way of living. Rather than being a part of the destruction of the planet while paying too much just to keep the lights on, it is possible to make a real difference, locally and globally – short-term and long. Call us for more information on residential solar power in New Haven, Connecticut today.



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Verengo Inc. has changed the way America thinks about solar! Verengo ranked #1 on the Solar Power World list of Top Residential Solar Contractors in the U.S.1, has been named to Inc. Magazine’s List of America's Fastest Growing Companies and consistently maintains an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. The company markets, sells and installs solar photovoltaic systems, which enable homeowners to save money on their electricity bills and replace dirty electricity with clean, renewable energy. Verengo has grown 700% over the past 4 years and has added 900 new employees over that period. A recent survey found that 92% of Verengo customers would refer the company to their friends and family. The company has earned this recognition and customer satisfaction by making solar easy and affordable for its customers and delivering superior customer service.

1.Source: Solar Power World. Verengo operates exclusively in the residential solar sector.

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