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Going solar at home has become quite common in Bridgeport. Savvy homeowners are realizing that they can save a substantial amount of money by using the sun to power their homes. When you consider how fundamentally flawed fuel-based power, it is not surprising that so many people are transitioning to residential solar power. We are pleased to be a trusted solar installation company that provides affordable, quality solar power to Bridgeport, Connecticut residents.

If you thought that going solar would not fit into your budget, it is time to take another look at your options. These days, it is not just the wealthy who can afford to power their homes with this green technology. Solar panels are much more affordable than they have ever been before, and the numerous government incentive programs and rewards help to offset the cost considerably. The remaining balance can be easily paid off in monthly increments. There is no reason for switching to solar to be a financial burden.

Because solar power is beneficial to everyone on an environmental level, steps have been taken to ensure that people will want to convert. There are federal incentives, as well as some exceptional rewards for solar users in Connecticut in particular. We will be happy to provide you with information about tax credits, grants, and other ways that you can save on solar power. Furthermore, we can tell you all about the performance-based incentives that allow you to sell your excess power to the utility grid, and also collect cash-back rebates just for creating clean solar power.

Switching to solar energy will also save you a considerable amount of money on your electricity bill. In fact, there are plenty of Bridgeport residents who don’t pay for any power at all. Our solar energy systems are extremely efficient, so you can trust them to act as your primary source of power. They can pull power from the grid if there is a period without sun, but most homes are able to rely on the sun for more than enough energy. Our grid-tied systems are perfect for qualifying for solar money-back programs, as well as for powering your home reliably.

Another benefit that Bridgeport residents have that many other homeowners in the country do not, is access to our quality solar products! We provide residential solar panel installations to various cities throughout California, New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut, and Bridgeport is a place that we are proud to service. We are pleased to be able to sell premium quality solar energy systems at affordable prices. Our financing options are also especially ideal for those who are planning on installing residential solar energy systems in Bridgeport, Connecticut on a budget.

Our knowledgeable solar experts will be able to help you to choose the best solar energy system for your home. Everyone has different power needs, different home locations, sun access, and so on. One of the Verengo staff members will be happy to evaluate your home and help you to choose the best system for your home. Knowing whether monocrystalline or polycrystalline panels are best, whether to use off-grid or grid-tied systems, and how to set them up properly is something that should have professional consultation, and we are happy to do so.

Give us a call today to learn more about how Bridgeport homeowners can benefit from solar these days. Even if you don’t decide to switch over, there is certainly nothing wrong with learning about what your options are. Once you are presented with the information to make an informed decision for yourself, we are confident that you will agree – solar power is the clear choice for a better future!

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What Can You Save With Solar?

With no end in sight for soaring electricity rates, your switch to solar will secure affordable power for your home & family for years to come.