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Bridgeport Residential Solar Power

At this point in time, Bridgeport, Connecticut residents have some exciting options as far as home power goes. CT property owners pay a much higher average price for electricity than the rest of the country, so it is not surprising that solar panels have become so popular in this progressive state. Homeowners are lining up to get their solar energy systems installed because they can save thousands of dollars every year, while also making the planet a better place.


It can be all too easy to get lost in day-today living, and forget to plan for the future. Recent economic worries have caused many people to tighten their budget. In order to become more financially secure, it is sometimes necessary to eliminate expenditures, but unfortunately this also comes at more a cost than just the money. For example, eliminating family vacations may save you money in the long run, but nobody wants to have to give up the things in life that make them happy. The beauty of solar power is that it improves your life while simultaneously reducing your living costs.


A home solar energy system will provide many years of free energy. In fact, most solar energy systems are covered under warranty for around 25 years, but end up lasting for much longer than that. There are still old solar panels from the 70's that are still producing plenty of clean power, and that is using outdated technology! Your solar energy system is a long-term investment that will pay for itself many times over. If you are buying the equipment, you will pay monthly payments for it, but you would pay that for fuel-based electricity anyway! This is a great way to actually get something with tangible value for your money.


The long-term benefits of using solar power are not just financial. On a larger, global scale, going solar allows you to be an important part of the solution to the current fuel crisis. There is no doubt that fossil fuels are causing irreversible damage to the planet, and it is up to all of us to do whatever we can to reduce dependency on them. These fuels are also limited resources, so once we run out there is no going back. Conserving them is integral to the longevity of this planet. After all, this is the only one we have.


Now is the time to look into installing residential solar power in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Here at Verengo, we are proud to be able to offer premium solar panels at affordable prices. We even have a $0 down leasing option for those of you who prefer to take that route. Our solar specialists will also be able to help you to figure out a payment plan that fits comfortably into your budget. These days, going solar does not have to be a huge up-front investment. We want to make going solar work within your budget.


The federal government and the state of Connecticut also want you to be able to enjoy solar power at home. That is why you will find that there are plenty of incentives and rewards programs for solar users. The environmental implications that solar power provides are more than enough reason for the government to help people to pay for the transition, and now is the time to stake your claim.


As you can see, the long-term benefits of solar power in Bridgeport are clear. Continuing to pay outrageous bills for pollution-based power just isn't the best way. A simple solar installation can go a long way in improving both your own life, and the lives of the global community that we share this planet with. Call us today to learn more!


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Verengo Inc. has changed the way America thinks about solar! Verengo ranked #1 on the Solar Power World list of Top Residential Solar Contractors in the U.S.1, has been named to Inc. Magazine’s List of America's Fastest Growing Companies and consistently maintains an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. The company markets, sells and installs solar photovoltaic systems, which enable homeowners to save money on their electricity bills and replace dirty electricity with clean, renewable energy. Verengo has grown 700% over the past 4 years and has added 900 new employees over that period. A recent survey found that 92% of Verengo customers would refer the company to their friends and family. The company has earned this recognition and customer satisfaction by making solar easy and affordable for its customers and delivering superior customer service.

1.Source: Solar Power World. Verengo operates exclusively in the residential solar sector.

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