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The green movement taking over the nation is changing the way we all look at fossil fuels and how they provide our electricity for daily use. Not only are we running out of these fossil fuels quickly, they are also destroying the environment for future generations. There is a scramble on for cleaner forms of energy, and this is why many people are making the switch to Santa Cruz solar energy systems. The sun offers clean energy for all, and could drastically lower the electricity bills for your home.

Mankind has long used the sun’s energy in any way possible. Thousands of years ago, the heat was the only benefit we knew how to use, but this has all changed with time. When the first solar panels were created, they allowed us to use the solar energy to power things only while the sun was shining. On cloudy days or at night, those solar panels were no longer useful. Fortunately, technology keeps getting better and better. Photovoltaic panels can now store the energy the sun provides so that we can use that power at any time.

To make the most of Santa Cruz solar energy systems, you should work with a consultant. This consultant can help you place the panels in the most efficient place, whether on your house or in your yard. Most suggest that your solar panels receive at least eight hours of sunlight throughout the day so that you can use that energy after the sun goes down. If you can store more energy than that, there is the possibility of selling that electricity back to your old electric company so they can use the clean energy for other customers.

Keep in mind that it is quite an investment to purchase the equipment and have it installed. Many people quickly learn that their Santa Cruz solar energy systems qualify for federal and state tax credits, which can refund up to thirty percent of your investment. You will also experience a great deal of savings on your electric bills, which will also help you recover the cost of your solar energy system. It won’t take long for you to recoup the cost, and then you will even notice a surplus.

There is no better time to make the switch to solar energy, so contact a consultant as soon as possible to find out how you can make the transition. You’ll enjoy the benefits for years to come.

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Verengo Inc. has changed the way America thinks about solar! Verengo ranked #1 on the Solar Power World list of Top Residential Solar Contractors in the U.S.1, has been named to Inc. Magazine’s List of America's Fastest Growing Companies and consistently maintains an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. The company markets, sells and installs solar photovoltaic systems, which enable homeowners to save money on their electricity bills and replace dirty electricity with clean, renewable energy. Verengo has grown 700% over the past 4 years and has added 900 new employees over that period. A recent survey found that 92% of Verengo customers would refer the company to their friends and family. The company has earned this recognition and customer satisfaction by making solar easy and affordable for its customers and delivering superior customer service.

1.Source: Solar Power World. Verengo operates exclusively in the residential solar sector.

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