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It is only natural that people are buying more gas efficient cars given the high cost of gasoline. This also holds true when we look at the continuing increase of electric power costs. Since we are more than willing invest in fuel efficient vehicles, it just makes sense to make our homes more energy efficient too. Renewable energies such as wind and solar is a hot topic of discussion these days. While most of us may not be able to easily harness the wind for our power, solar power from San Jose Energy Systems is indeed a cost effective alternative.

Most of the electricity generated by electric companies comes from polluting fossil fuels. Solar, is clean and renewable. The cost of solar is at its lowest point ever and there are significant federal tax incentives and rebates available to help pay for a solar power system from San Jose Energy Systems.

However, the time to act is now because while many electric utilities do offer generous rebates, many have been reducing their payouts, and some have eliminated their programs altogether. Several states also offer tax credits, but in this era of budget cutbacks many states are considering reducing or doing away with their tax incentive programs too.

When one ponders going solar it is best to first survey your home to see how energy efficient your house really is. Is your home properly insulated? How about your windows, are they outdated and drafty? These inefficiencies should be fixed before or in conjunction with installing solar from San Jose Energy Systems.

Why? The answer may surprise you. By making your home energy efficient you are able to install a smaller solar panel system. Taking this approach saves money and keeps your home warm in the winter and cooler during the summer months. You can take this concept further by properly weather stripping all outer doors to the home as well. In addition, you spend less on solar panels. Verengo Solar Plus uses this whole house approach when determining your energy needs.

Finally, most of us are willing to purchase a more fuel efficient car given the current high price of gasoline. We can take this concept to our homes too. The monthly electric bill will continue to rise, we all know that. You can combat and defeat this problem by installing a solar grid system from Verengo. They are your complete San Jose Energy System.

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With no end in sight for soaring electricity rates, your switch to solar will secure affordable power for your home & family for years to come.