Installing San Jose Solar Power is a Smart Move

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We all know the cost of energy is out of control. People everywhere are turning to San Jose Residential Solar Power to reduce, and in some cases eliminate their electric bill. Imagine never again having to worry about a power failure, and more importantly never again being held hostage to electric bill rate increases.

Of course, reducing the carbon foot print is important to most of us too. The power generated from the grid come from fossil fuels which pollute the planet. On the other hand, solar is a renewable and clean energy source. Naturally, there are costs associated with installing solar panels. Yet, solar power prices are the lowest they’ve ever been. In addition, San Jose Residential Solar Power offers attractive lease to own programs that allow you to get into the game sooner.

With a tiny or zero electric bills think how much money you would save over the course of a year. It could be thousands of dollars. Furthermore, there substantial tax incentives and rebate programs available to help off-set your initial investment.

When you make the grand decision to go green, you first must do some homework. For example, is your home as energy efficient as it should be? Is your house equipped with ample insulation, weather stripping and efficient windows? If you answered no you are losing energy and ultimately money.

One forward thinking company, Verengo surveys your entire home to determine if your house has any energy weaknesses. Verengo not only installs state of the art solar panels but they also can equip your home with the very latest in insulation and window technology. Fixing all energy inadequacies in your home means you can install a less costly and smaller solar power system.

Most solar companies only install solar. This forces them to install the most costly and largest systems. Verengo combats this with its innovative whole house approach. Going this route saves you the most money, and your home will retain more heat in winter and stay cooler all summer. Furthermore, Verengo uses world renowned Suntech solar panels. Suntech is well respected in the industry, and their solar panels are second to none.

On the whole, we all know electric rates will increase. The question is not if they will, but when. The best way to install solar panels is to make your home as energy efficient as possible in conjunction with solar. Verengo does both eliminating the time consuming process of dealing with multiple vendors. Installing San Jose Solar Power is indeed a smart move.

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With no end in sight for soaring electricity rates, your switch to solar will secure affordable power for your home & family for years to come.