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With the cost of energy on a never ending upward spiral it is no wonder many people are turning to solar for their electrical power. Sooner or later the local electric utility will be granted the rate hike they are desperately fighting for. It is inevitable. Naturally, there is an upfront cost to installing a solar grid system on your home. However, most people find it pays for itself within the first year, and you can expect to recover your initial investment three times over during your lifetime.

Only the most advanced technology should be considered when installing solar panels. Some panels use lenses and mirrors to focus the sun to a small array of solar panels allowing more efficient use of your solar panels. In other words, you are generating more electricity yet using fewer solar panels to do it. This saves on the amount of hardware that must be installed.

Installing San Francisco Energy Systems on you home instantly increases the value of your property. If you sell your home sometime in the future your home will have a much better chance of being sold at a higher price, because future buyers will insist that solar panels be installed. In the meantime you will have substantially reduced or eliminated your electric bill. The savings could be thousands of dollars per year, especially the way energy costs are currently increasing.

The electric power industry has convinced most of us that they are the only game in town, that going solar is too expensive, or you will never recover your investment. Yet, solar power costs are at an all-time low. Furthermore, the federal government and many states offer significant tax breaks to those who install San Francisco Energy Systems on their homes. Some electrical utilities offer significant rebates for going solar. However, you should act fast because some states are pulling back their solar tax credits, and some utilities have eliminated their reimbursement programs altogether.

Some ground-breaking solar companies, like Verengo offer solar panel systems with no money down. There are attractive lease to own options that are worth considering if you cannot afford the traditional cash outlay. Remember, life with a tiny or a zero monthly electric bill is available to you. Can anyone remember a time when the power company actually reduced their rates? Verengo offers total home energy solutions and enjoys an excellent reputation for innovation and outstanding customer service. When you are ready to go solar, give Verengo a call. It just makes sense.

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With no end in sight for soaring electricity rates, your switch to solar will secure affordable power for your home & family for years to come.