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In October 2010 a national survey by Kelton Research found that 94% of Americans wanted solar power. Yet there are less than 55,000 homes and commercial properties using the popular grid-based solar energy options available in the United States. Why the disparity? While many Americans may want the country to invest in solar power, including supporting solar power initiatives with government subsidies, the price of installing solar systems has always been seemed to high. But this is not necessarily true. One look at the options for solar energy offered by Verengo Solar shows that a San Diego Solar System is more economically accessible than you may think.

According to the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, which studied more than 50,000 residents and businesses currently using solar panels, the average costs of installing solar energy systems has dropped significantly from 1998 to 2008. The Berkeley study found costs per kilowatt for solar energy dropped from 7.8 per kilowatt to 7.5, a 4.6 percent decreased. Coupled with the fact that the cost of solar panels has dropped significantly, by 40 percent in 2009 according to the New York Times and installing a solar energy system is less expensive now than ever.

According to Verengo Solar President Ken Button, San Diego residents can begin installing their solar systems for just a small upfront payment, as little as $1,000 in most cases and with federal subsidies, leasing options and lower prices for materials can reduce that upfront costs to as little as zero.

Verengo offers San Diego residents professional, expert craftsmen who meet the highest standards in solar installation outlined by the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AMA). Partnering with Verengo to install your solar system is like working with a friend to achieve a lifelong goal. Our employees are experts in the installation process and can explain each step along the way. In addition, we only use the best materials providing you with top-of-the line solar panels to ensure your access to solar power is free from mishaps and interruptions.

While 20 years ago the prospect of installing solar power for your household seemed futuristic we at Verengo are here to let you know that the future is now. Achieving solar power is less expensive today than any time in history and will allow your family to save money and save the environment simultaneously. Now who wouldn’t want to do that?

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What Can You Save With Solar?

With no end in sight for soaring electricity rates, your switch to solar will secure affordable power for your home & family for years to come.