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In today’s tight economy everybody is trying to save money where they can. The cost of energy is spiraling out of control and talk of inflation creeping upward is again a hot topic. One bill that most of us dread each month is the electric bill, especially during the summer when we run our air conditioners full blast. On the other hand, there is one energy system that continues to drop in price, and that is solar power from Sacramento Energy Systems.

It is true, solar power has never been as affordable as it is right now. Indeed we all have a choice, to continue to be held hostage by high energy costs or to become energy independent. Most of the energy that is produce by the electric companies is from polluting fossil fuels. Yet, solar is clean energy. Naturally you must install the needed equipment. This is where Verengo comes into the picture.

Many solar power companies only sell and install solar. The problem with this approach is they are forced to sell you their biggest and most expensive solar system to meet your energy needs. Verengo does not use this approach. They offer a unique system that analyzes how energy efficient your home is. Verengo also installs energy efficient windows and natural insulation solutions. This approach allows you to invest in a smaller solar grid system while making your home more energy efficient. In the end you save a substantial amount of money because heat and air conditioned air is not escaping from your home.

The fact that solar costs have lowered is a compelling reason to go solar. However, there are other good reasons too. For example, you reduce your carbon foot print, lower your electric bill, and you are entitled to a generous federal tax credit. In addition, many states also offer tax incentives and several electric utilities offer rebates for installing solar. Nevertheless, many states are doing away with tax credits, and some utilities have eliminated their rebate programs. The time to go solar is now.

The fine people from Sacramento Energy Systems are experts in total energy solutions. They offer only the most technological advanced solar panels, and are committed to your complete satisfaction. They will examine how energy efficient your home is, and will offer solutions that will save you money in the long run. In the end, Verengo offers you maximum energy performance without the traditional huge investment.

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