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Oakland residents know all too well how high their electric bills are. The next grid rate hike is being planned right now. Yet, there is relief from this continued madness, solar power. Finally, zero down solar is a reality, and when you make the switch you save thousands of dollars in electric bills.

Fossil fuels harm the environment, are expensive, and are in short supply. Yet, the local electric company still relies on these fuels to produce electricity. Fossil fuels keep going up. Naturally, the gird is going to pass any increases on to the consumer. On the other hand, solar panels use the power of the sun. The sun is in infinite supply and is clean energy.

Today’s solar is so advanced when compared to just a year or two ago. Solar panels generate power during the day, yet can store power to a reserve for evening use. Those that choose this solar option pay zero electric bills. They are totally free from the grid. They no longer pay electric bills and are completely immune to grid rate hikes and outages.

Install solar and you instantly increase the value of your property, without adding to your tax burden. Homes with solar pre-installed sell for a higher price than homes connected to the grid. This is because home buyers are tired of high electric bills and grid rate hikes too. The future of home electricity is solar power.

Fossil fuels pollute. Solar is clean. Fossil fuels are increasing in price meaning the grid will keep raising rates. When you install solar you save thousands of dollars. Plus, $0 down solar is here, and there are ample federal and state tax incentives that help you save even more money. Clearly solar is a better choice.

You can analyze your monthly electric bill, and check how much money you give the grid for a month, a year, and finally ten years. You are paying a huge amount of money for electricity, and you haven’t even factored in future grid rate hikes. Solar, is the better choice, by far!

Finally, residents of Oakland already know how incredibly high their electric bills are. Yet, $0 down solar is now a reality, and when you switch to solar you save thousands of dollars. The grid’s fossil fuels harm the environment. Solar uses the power of the sun which is clean energy. The choice is clear; solar is more cost effective and just better.

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What Can You Save With Solar?

With no end in sight for soaring electricity rates, your switch to solar will secure affordable power for your home & family for years to come.