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Malibu Solar Panels for Your Home

Around the dawn of the new millennium, California experienced a problem of apocalyptic proportions. Energy bills began not just increasing but they began doubling exponentially. California’s $200 billion electricity market received a price jolt that forced companies to close, employers to lay off workers and many California residents to skip eating in favor of paying their monthly utility bills. Even in posh Malibu the combination of deregulation in the utility market, the evil misdeeds of energy traders such as those working at Enron and the high volume of use by California residents mixed together to cripple the area’s utility market and send electricity bills soaring. Going green suddenly became the mantra and in 10 years the Malibu area has fully embraced the energy conservation platform. Solar energy systems, while not ubiquitous, are surely popular here. But like many Malibu homeowners you may be wondering about, not the cost or process of adding solar panels to your home but the aesthetic of having them on your multi-million dollar sanctuary.

Many homeowners overcome their hesitancy about employing solar panels on their home when they understand better what solar panels do. Basically a solar panel is a collective of connected silicon squares that are made photovoltaic by bonding them with an element such as phosphorous to make the silicon squares a conductor of electricity derived from the sun. When they were first introduced silicon solar panels looked about as aesthetically pleasing on homes as adding airplane wings to a roof. But over the years the panels have undergone design improvements that have rendered them pleasing enough to be installed on the most elegant of homes.

And nowhere will you find solar panels more compatible for your home than the ones offered through Verengo Solar.

When you choose Verengo Solar as your conservation partner, you enlist years of experience in installing solar energy systems. In addition, Verengo Solar representatives will offer you a customized energy system tailored to the specific needs of your home. This plan created uniquely for your home comes from our patented “whole house approach,” which not only seeks to fulfill your solar energy goals but also provides ways to conserve energy throughout your entire house, offering you even more cost savings.

But the crown jewel of your partnership with Verengo is the acquisition of the state-of-the art solar panels manufactured by SunPower. Due to its reputation and excellent skill in solar energy installation Verengo, is one of a select group of solar system installers who are privileged to offer the SunPower solar panels to its customers. You don’t want to miss out on this exclusive deal. Call Verengo today.

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About Verengo Solar
Verengo Inc. has changed the way America thinks about solar! Verengo ranked #1 on the Solar Power World list of Top Residential Solar Contractors in the U.S.1, has been named to Inc. Magazine’s List of America's Fastest Growing Companies and consistently maintains an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. The company markets, sells and installs solar photovoltaic systems, which enable homeowners to save money on their electricity bills and replace dirty electricity with clean, renewable energy. Verengo has grown 700% over the past 4 years and has added 900 new employees over that period. A recent survey found that 92% of Verengo customers would refer the company to their friends and family. The company has earned this recognition and customer satisfaction by making solar easy and affordable for its customers and delivering superior customer service.

1.Source: Solar Power World. Verengo operates exclusively in the residential solar sector.

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