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What exactly is renewable energy? It is an energy source that is not permanently used up as it is used, or returns to a form that is once again usable. Perhaps a better term for it in some cases is reusable energy.

For example, when hydroelectricity is used, water is flowing in a river or other water structure and pushes on a turbine that generates electricity. That water continues flowing and becomes part of the regular water cycle, which eventually evaporates into the sky and returns as precipitation, continually providing the river with water to perpetually turn that turbine. The water is not “used up” by the turbine’s turning, and therefore provides renewable energy.

Solar power is another renewable energy. We just need to find better ways of harvesting that power. Studies show that the amount of sunlight that pours onto our planet every day is enough to power everything on its own thousands of times over, if only we could capture every bit of it. (Imagine how much energy that is, and then remember that is such a tiny, tiny sliver of all the power the sun holds!) The sun never runs out of power, so we consider that renewable energy as well.

Wind is another renewable energy source that functions in similar ways as water, where the flow of the wind pushes turbines that generates electricity. The air is not used up, continuing to travel in the weather patterns of the world, pushing many turbines all over the world as a renewable energy source.

Verengo Solar provide residential solar power systems, an alternative energy system that can save homeowners money. Using solar panels for your home, homeowners can augment their current power supply using energy harnessed from the sun, reducing electrical bills. With renewable energy, there is no dangerous byproduct that is dangerous to the environment. Even electricity you get from your utility company could be generated with coal or other “dirty” forms of power. Any renewable energy source used is that much less power needed to pollute our world. With so many renewable options available to humanity, we need to push harder to get more of them working for us.

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