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With more than 270 sunny days a year Corona sits at the epicenter of what’s called optimal solar energy land. The prevalence of sunlight is probably why the city of Corona opted to install solar panels on top of its bus stops. The solar panels are connected to the city’s electricity grid and provide much needed electricity relief during peak rush hours, powering the city’s traffic signals and streetlights. The solar energy bus stops are being heralded as the first grid-connected bus shelter in the nation. But what is being promoted as innovative you can have for your personal use in your own home. Just as the City of Corona installed solar panels on its bus stops you can install solar panels onto your home.

By partnering with Verengo Solar you can harness the power of the sun to meet all your household energy needs. As the city of Corona proved, installing a solar energy system can be the easiest way to transition renewable energy. The amazing part is that you do not have to have the deep pockets of a municipality to harness the sun to fuel your household. In fact, installing a solar energy system has never been more affordable in the history of the solar power industry.

Verengo Solar brings more than a decade of experience to residents of Corona. Our representatives are expert in the solar power field and offer new customers an easy step-by-step process to transition to solar power. Our patented “whole house,” approach offers homeowners a comprehensive energy efficiency plan that evaluates your residents to come up with energy conservation solutions for your entire household. This comprehensive energy plan will help you save even more money than just installing solar panels and will help you transition completely to clean, renewable energy.

By installing a solar energy system in your home you will be just as amazed as the city of Corona when it began powering its traffic systems with just by putting solar panels on their bus stops. Harnessing the power of the sun has become easier over the decades and you can benefit from the advancement in technology spurred by federal, state and local interest in the industry. Verengo will help you navigate the variety of payment options available for solar panel installation and the different federal, state and local incentives available to those pioneers who convert to clean energy to power their homes.

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