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The word is out; Berkeley residents can now go solar for $0 down, simply by hooking up with Berkeley Solar Energy Systems. Electric bills are high, yet the grid keeps raising rates. There is a solution to this problem, solar energy. There is simply no sound financial reason to stay connected to the grid. Install solar today and you will save thousands of dollars in electric bills.

The electric companies still rely on old-fashion, dirty, and costly fossil fuels to manufacture electricity. Fossil fuels are fast shrinking in supply, causing their price to increase. Yet, solar uses the sun to produce its power. The sun is an abundant and clean source of energy.

Other benefits of going solar include federal and state government tax breaks, rebates, and many local communities offer property tax relief for installing solar panels. Those who install solar can expect a significant boost to their property values, with no extra tax burden. In addition, homes with solar panels installed can recoup a bigger selling price then homes still connected to the grid.

Electric rates are not going to come down. Fossil fuels are becoming more expensive, which forces the grid to raise their rates. Solar is the solution. Consider how much money you pay in electric bills over a year, or five years. The amount is huge and is in the thousands of dollars. This is the amount you save when you go solar.

Solar panels are now more advanced than ever before. It is possible that your solar home power system could produce more electricity than your home can use. This is not a worry, because you sell the surplus power to the gird to reduce your already low electric bill even more.

Still others would rather simply disconnect altogether from the grid. Solar panels generate power during the day. Today’s solar panels can also store electricity to a reserve for night-time use. This results in you paying no electric bills. Plus, you are no longer concerned with power company rate hikes or power failures. The savings in electric bills is in the thousands of dollars. What will you do with the extra cash?

On the whole, Berkeley residents now have the ability to save thousands of dollars in electric bills just for going solar. Electric companies are not going to lower their rates, indeed they will increase more. Zero down solar is the solution from this problem.

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What Can You Save With Solar?

With no end in sight for soaring electricity rates, your switch to solar will secure affordable power for your home & family for years to come.