California - The Heart of the Solar Nation!

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California and Verengo Solar Lead the Way

In 2008, Verengo Solar started installing residential solar systems in California. California also has a lot of sunshine, which is perfect for solar electricity!

To help pay for the cost of a new solar panel installation, the federal government kicked in a 30% tax credit. Some states, like California, offer rebates. Other states, like New Jersey, offer Solar Renewable Energy Certificates. When purchasing a solar panel system in California, almost half of the total cost is paid for with federal and state money. When choosing a Verengo Solar Lease, it is possible to go solar for zero-money-down!

Your California home will still be tied to the utility grid, except with a solar-electric system you will be a net-exporter of electricity. In California, solar power homes are hybrid homes that can feed energy into the grid and take energy from it. You can make your meter spin backwards! Energy fed into the grid is a credit; energy taken from the grid is a debit.

During the sunny California days, your solar panel system will soak up the sunshine and convert it to usable energy for your home, and your plug-in electric car! Call Verengo Solar to help you cap the cost of all of your energy use. Just have good sunshine on a good roof, and good credit to get a Verengo Solar Lease. Then you can start saving money with solar electricity from the first day your solar panel system is inter-connected to the utility grid.

Verengo Solar systems add to the value of your home, according to both the Appraisal Institute in Chicago, Illinois and ICF consulting, which is funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development as well as the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The Appraisal Institute reported that $1 of annual energy savings increases your home's value by $20. Following that ratio of 1-to-20, if your solar system reduces your home's energy bills by $1,000 over the entire year, then your home equity increased by $20,000.

Electricity bills keep going up year after year. Instead of paying those increased prices from the utility company, we recommend you enjoy the full federal tax credits and the highest amount of state incentives with a Verengo Solar Lease that costs you no money out of pocket. So Go Verengo Solar, California!

If your average monthly electric bill is $150 (or more), you may qualify for a Verengo Solar Lease!

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