Solar Advantages

Solar Advantages


Just as our planet does, everything in our lives revolves around the sun. Even our rapidly shrinking oil supplies are made up of decayed plants that once fed on the sun’s energy. Unlike fossil fuels, however, solar power is a virtually endless, renewable source of power that creates no pollution. Still, despite the many advantages of solar energy, America still relies almost entirely on expensive, polluting fossil fuels. However, a solar revolution is afoot. Today, companies — like Verengo® Solar in Southern California — are part of the vast green energy movement that helps homeowners install solar panels for no money down, find attractive lease-to-own options and help clients receive government incentives right away. Read on for 11 advantages of solar energy.


Advantages of Solar Energy

1. After an initial investment, solar power is incredibly cheap, if not free. Technology has brought costs for solar power way down, and thanks to government incentives, Americans now have the ability to free themselves from the high cost of energy, by harnessing the sun’s energy through solar panels. Despite what your power company would have you believe, switching to solar is fast, easy and a sound financial move.


2. Solar power systems require very little maitenance. There are many mechanical advantages to going solar. Solar power systems have a very small number of moving parts, run silently, are highly reliable and require almost no maintenance, if any. In fact, they’re so reliable that organizations use them to independently run warning signals, navigational buoys, aircraft warning lights and railroad crossing signs. Once you purchase and install a solar power system, there are very few recurring costs, and these systems can be expanded as energy needs grow.


3. Going solar releases you from the price fluctuations of the grid. Americans with their own solar power systems don’t have to worry about energy rate hikes from major power companies, as it costs just a few dollars a month to run. By going solar now, homeowners can lock in their own low energy costs and power their homes for almost no money out of pocket. Even as neighbors pay more for energy every year, discerning consumers can keep their costs low for the life of the system. 


4. A switch to solar can increase a home’s value without increasing property taxes. The U.S. Department of Energy says that for every dollar in energy a homeowner saves with a solar system, it also adds between $10 and $20 to a home’s value. As a result, if a system cuts energy costs by $500 a year, it will add between $5,000 and $10,000 to the home’s value.


5. There are plenty of rebates and incentives that drop the price further. Many state and federal government rebates and incentives now exist to provide even more savings on a solar power system, so there has never been a more affordable time to go solar.


6. Solar power works even in places where it's not always sunny. Some people think that solar only works in sunny, temperate regions, but that’s not true. Solar panels can be effective in cooler climates as well. The world’s current solar energy leader is Germany, a country in Northern Europe, and many people in Alaska also use solar, even if much of the state can be dark for months at a time.


7. You can sell energy back to the grid. A power company’s job is to profit from your energy use. But people with solar systems don’t have that problem, and in fact, some companies even allow them to sell unused energy back to the grid and get credit in return. These credits are then carried over to your next month’s bill.


8. You'll stop paying for things that aren't power on your power bill. Go take a look at your monthly power bill. You’ll probably find some odd charges you don’t recognize, and they can total almost half of your total cost. Of course, these aren’t the only mystery fees you’re hit with every month. Taking a look at yours will help you determine just how much you’re paying every month for something besides the power you use.


9. Sunshine is free and virtual endless. How much energy do you think it takes to power the entire country for a whole year? A lot, right? Well that much solar energy hits the United States every 40 minutes. While those who rely on fossil fuels like coal and oil for energy will have to worry about sharply rising prices over the next few decades, those who go solar will only have to worry about when the sun burns out. In four or five BILLION years.


10. Solar is better than wind and water turbines. A lot of energy companies will try to sell you on the idea that affordable solar power is "years away," but will try to push electricity generated by less-reliable wind and water turbines. The reason for that is that these huge machines cost a lot of money both to build and keep in working order, which allows Big Energy to justify higher power costs. But if they switched to thin, hassle-free solar panels, those operating costs would disappear, rates would drop and profit margins would dwindle. The high rates you’re forced to pay for energy come because power companies refuse to cut operating costs by going solar.


11. Solar energy is more environmentally friendly. Solar energy has a huge positive impact on the environment, exponentially when you consider the damage done by burning dirtier fuel sources. Solar power actually reduces greenhouse gas and heavy metal emissions by at least 89% when compared with traditional power plants, and even the manufacturing of solar cells creates 90% fewer pollutants than conventional fossil fuels. If just 5% of the houses in the U.S. went solar, it would be the equivalent of:


  • Taking 7,700,000 cars off the road — roughly equal to the total number of automobiles sold in the U.S. in 2007,
  • Removing 89,600,000 pounds of CO2 from the environment, and
  • Retiring 6,900,000 trees from their "CO2 offsetting" jobs.


Currently, massive government incentives are allowing people to save a percentage of the cost of installing their solar power systems. Verengo® Solar is a green investor with lease-to-own options that will install a complete solar system for no money out of pocket. Verengo will review your current situation, and if it can’t save you money, it won’t take your business. See how to save on your electric bill right now.



What Can You Save With Solar?

With no end in sight for soaring electricity rates, your switch to solar will secure affordable power for your home & family for years to come.